Our job is to make used electronics as cool & reassuring

32 CHECKS is an enabler that helps you afford your desired product at extremely attractive price. However its not just the great price, it is also the Quality we are committed to deliver above everything. Pre-owned electronic devices that we buy, are inspected, refurbished and certified with great care. We work with our team of dedicated and skilled technicians to deliver only the best products to our customers.

Our Story

The 32Checks story began with the realisation that customers buying pre-owned devices are looking for saving and trusted experience and there is an absence of brand that not only gives genuine saving but also peace of mind of great quality. 32 Checks started in July 2018 with pioneering idea to provide genuine savings, trustworthy experience to customers & reduce E waste by giving new lease of life to pre-owned products.

Current Scenario

Do you think technology is clean?
No it’s not, it is costing us right from the beginning.

The effects of improper disposal of electronic devices remain mostly unseen & unquestioned unlike the food we eat and clothes we wear, but nonetheless pose very real threats and dangers to global environment at large. In the race to acquire latest gadgets, millions of smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. are being bought. The biggest question is once you purchase and upgrade to new device, what do you do with your old one?

Our Theory

There is no easy way to make tech cleaner or fairer. But a realistic solution is to stretch out lives of existing devices and circulate them from owner to owner. In India, majority of people do not have access to technology as they are unable to afford expensive gadgets. On the other part, is it necessary to spend a lot on latest devices when old one can work just as fine?

We believe in redemption through circulation & making technology affordable.

Smooth Environmental
  • • Less E- Waste
  • • Resource Optimisation

Previous owner sells his
device instead of
throwing away

Great value for money
for customers
  • • 30-70% discounts
    vs new product

Product is checked and
refurbed in a factory

Positive Social
  • • Dozens of Refurb Houses
  • • Thousands of Jobs

Refurbished device adopted
by a new owner

Why Us

We are building a mainstream alternative to the 'new device overload'.

We think it is time to offer a strong and mainstream alternative to new products by making existing used devices a strong alternate option by making them appealing & accessible to potential customers. The tech industry is supposed to be full of innovative companies but the truth is that its linear operating mode hasn't changed in the past 15 years. We dare to reinvent the way we consume electronics. We dream big, and believe that one day "circular" and "re-use" will be a paradigm nobody can ignore. Not just by the "cool kids" and not by your grandma either.




Looks : Excellent Excellent
Quality : Excellent Excellent
Warranty : Yes Yes
Min. Used : No 1 Days
E-Waste : Yes Less
Price : High Low

Type of Refurbs, we deal into

Open Box

Those devices which are returned within 7-10 days of the purchase by customers. The retuned devices are examined by the professionals for quality check & restored to their original factory settings. These devices are considered “Like New” as these have minimal or no use & come in original brand box and accessories.

Certified Refurb

These pre-owned devices bought or collected back in exchange offers programs through online and offline stores. These devices are inspected for faults, repaired with genuine quality spares by team of skilled professionals to give a new life and perform flawless. We make sure that refurbished device looks and works like new. The devices come in our box with high quality accessories.

Certified Pre-owned

Certified preowned devices are used devices which are inspected and repaired to work functionally flawlessly. These devices are not fully refurbished physically to look like new due to cost consideration as they carry minor wear & tear. Depending upon the physical condition, these come in different grades to offer best value to the customers. These devices may not look like new but we make sure that each of the components work fine and provide the expected performance.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that your device work fine without any lags, we work with a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. We use high grade quality spares and each device needs to pass through stringent testing process. We make sure that our customer should get peace of mind along with product. To deliver our quality promise, all our products come with six months to one-year warranty through independent & trusted warranty partner.

Minimum 32 quality checks

A Grade parts

6 months warranty

32 Checks


  • 1. Check Scratches on screen
  • 2. Major dents & Scratches on Body
  • 3. Blurrness on front & Back Camera
  • 4. Check bulges in battery
    B.Final Testing Checklist
  • 5. OS Factory Reset
  • 6. Check for Battery Discharging.
    Play video files with high resolution.
  • 7. Internal Speaker / Ringer
  • 8. Receiver 32 Checks
  • 9. Incoming / Out going calls
  • 10. Bluetooth
  • 11. SD Card functionality
  • 12. LCD Display Test / Touch Screen Test
  • 13. Function Key Test
    (Volume / Lock /On-Off)/Camera)
  • 14.Video Test
  • 15.Mobile over heating
  • 16. Sensor Test (Rotation / Gravity /
    Temperature / Pressure /Proximity)
  • 17. Line & Dead pixels to be checked
  • 18. Check the color of the Mobile
    matching with the color mentioned in Box
  • 19. Check any dust in Camera lens
  • 20. Check the fitting of the back cover
  • 21. Check is the Battery Fitted properly
  • 22.Indicators working properly
    (Charging / Message / Incoming / Flash Light / Keypad light)
  • 23. External Speaker / Hands free
  • 24. MIC Testing and Voice Recording Test
  • 25. 3G/4G Test
  • 26. Wi-Fi Test
  • 27. SIM Functionality (SIM1,SIM2,SIM3)
  • 28. Key Pad test
  • 29. Front Camera test and Rear Camera Test
  • 30. Vibrator test
  • 31. Camera Flash test
  • 32. Warranty bazaar screw

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